Things to do if you want to be a public speaker

Public speaking polishes you in a manner that you outshine everything. Some of you might think it is a piece of cake. However, getting a room full of people to listen to you and enjoy what you say for hours is anything but a piece of cake. There are courses like leadership courses in Dubai, but the real spark and motivation comes from within.

Let’s see what you need to know to be a public speaker.

Gain experience

Start small. Take part in small events and try speaking there. You can start from a group of individuals and grow your way through to large halls. Host small events where you speak to people and gradually you will learn the art. The response you will get from the people will be a push to you as you will learn from your mistakes.


Teaching is a good way to learn too. It is more effective in the sense that as a teacher you get a command on various subjects. The knowledge you gain helps you in creating authentic and interesting content for your speech.


You can email event organizers and pair up with them. You can work for them so that whenever the opportunity arises of a speaker you are recommended. There are courses of corporate training in UAE where you can learn and get certification. Your certification will back you up and get you work quickly.


You can practice alone in front of a mirror or even a camera initially. Pick up a topic, prepare it, and try alone. If you record it and later you can go through your speech ad judge yourself honestly. You can show it to your friends and family and take their opinion as well.

Learn from others

Whenever you get a chance to attend someone else’s speech, do that. It helps a lot in learning things you might not know. You can even take guidance from them to mend your mistakes. Watch the work of your favorite public speaker and see how you can do what he can. Make your own unique style, you don’t need to copy them. You just have to keep yourself motivated and gain insight from others experience.

If you wish to be a public speaker follow these guidelines and one day you will be among the famous public speakers.