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Dealing With Divorce: 5 Ways To Cope With Loneliness

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Dealing with divorce is not an easy thing to do. Although both parties agreed to end the relationship on a good note, the struggle comes after the papers are signed and the decision becomes final. In this case, situational depression and loneliness can happen to one or both parties. This can make the moving process difficult, especially if both invested heavily on the relationship.

If you or you know someone who is suffering from a post-divorce depression, the best psychiatrist in Dubai suggests these coping tips to battle loneliness:

  • Pen a goodbye letter

Although this may sound a little odd for you to do, but writing a goodbye letter can help you start the moving on process, not necessarily to your former partner, but your past relationship. Say goodbye to your role as a spouse and to all the things that you experienced during your married life – from the family traditions to the good and bad moments that you encounter during the relationship. This would help you to start moving on from the past and say hello to a new chapter in your life.

  • Spend time with your kids

During a divorce, the parents are not the only ones who are affected by the situation. The kids might also suffer from the separation. Be sure to spend more time with your kids. If you can, take them to a vacation. This might also be the time to explain to them what happened. Your kids might have some questions about the divorce. Try to answer them as much as you can and assure them that despite the separation, both you and your partner will still be there for them.

  • Rediscover yourself

During the marriage, both parties sacrifice part of themselves to make the relationship work. After the separation, both have the opportunity to rediscover and improve themselves. Take this chance and focus on your self-growth. You can take classes, learn new hobbies, and pursue your passion.

  • Ask for help and support

Going through a divorce can lead to serious mental issues like anxiety and depression. If you feel that bone-deep loneliness is affecting you in any way, seek professional help. There are mental health professionals that provide counseling and depression and anxiety treatment for individuals going through a divorce.

  • Join groups and communities

Now that you are single and separated, it is high time to be out there. Keep your social circle alive by joining groups and community activities.

Get a Job in UAE Quickly

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Dubai has presumably the most aggressive job market. There are many employees desperately endeavoring to get positions in Dubai. Many of them visit Dubai and look for occupations through Dubai recruitment agency. I will demonstrate the best practices to the fresh graduates as well as the experience professionals to get them a good position in Dubai quicker. Take after these six stages and beat the competition.

The most inexplicable thing of quest for new job in Dubai is the poor reaction from recruitment specialists. The purpose behind that is the volume of resumes they are accepting for opportunities. There is an opportunity of a lifetime that they will never at any point see your resume despite the fact that you are the most appropriate candidate for a specific opening.

So how to defeat these issues and get a position in Dubai? Beneath six stages will help you to get a position in Dubai.

Stage 1 – Directly apply on job advertisements

Few managers are publicizing their opening in Dubai daily papers. Khaleej Times and Gulf News are the main daily papers in Dubai. Google the names to find the online ads of these sites.

Stage 2 – “Dubai Job Secrets” digital book download

This digital book has every single mystery tip and procedures to get a position in Dubai. This is the best source to get Dubai employment tips.

Stage 3 – Stick with couple of recruitment organizations

There are several employment organizations in Dubai. Yet, just few are solid and giving a quality services. The following are two of them

Clarendon Parker (

Sanction House Middle East (

Establish a good relationship with the individual who is handling different kind of openings that you are applying for. Follow-up with them. You can search for local employment organizations in your state or in country who is selecting for Dubai.

Stage 4 – Stick with online employment job boards

The following are couple of sites with reliable opening

Stage 5 – Directly contact Organizations

If you believe that your skills are valuable to an organization in a specific industry, then make sure to sell it directly to Dubai managers. Go to yellow pages, look for appropriate organizations and reach them specifically.

Step 6 – Hire Reliable Employment Agencies

Look for reliable employment agency as this way you can not only get the desired job as per your skill set but also save the time. Go to the website to get more details for reliable employment agency.

Types of Wills for Non-Muslims in the United Arab Emirates

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Millions of individuals from almost all parts of the world throng to the United Arab Emirates every year with career advancement, tourism, higher studies, and business in their minds. The UAE is a Muslim country so most of the people coming from Muslim countries are easily able to understand the local laws and regulations, which are in-line with the teachings of Islam and its Shariah. However, the people visiting Dubai and other states of the United Arab Emirates from western countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, or Canada are mostly non-Muslims are hardly aware of anything about Islam or the laws implemented in the UAE. This article will give all such individuals an insight into the types of wills in the United Arab Emirates.

There are two types of wills available for Non-Muslims in the UAE and one can find the will writing services in Dubai on the attached link.

  1. Notary Public Wills
  2. DIFC Wills & Probate Registry Wills

The Notary Public Wills are stated in both English and Arabic languages and are registered with a Notary Public in the United Arab Emirates where the person resides and has assets. All the states of the UAE except Abu Dhabi have Shariah laws applicable on the distribution of the real estate. Abu Dhabi relieved it in May 2016.

  • You can use the DIFC Wills to distribute both moveable as well as immoveable assets as per your wishes. Such a thing can’t be possible with a will that is registered with the Notary Public.
  • With all the questions and situations with regard to drafting and probate of wills, you may go through the DIFC WPR Rules.
  • The Will registered with the DIFC Wills Probate Registry is quick to obtain a probate.
  • All non-Muslims, whether resident or non-resident, who are over 21 years old are eligible to get their legal wills registered with the DIFC Wills, Probate Registry.

It is important to mention here that fee for the registration of a DIFC Property Will varies on the number of properties. The single-property wills cost at 7500 AEDs, which is 2500 AEDs less that the full DIFC single will fee. The Mirror Property Wills cost at 10000 AEDs, which is 5000 AEDs less than the full DIFC mirror wills fee. The fee for modification of Property Will is 550 AEDs, which stays the same for both the full DIFC Will and Property Will.

For more information about the DIFC wills and probate, please follow the link.

An Insight Into Buying And Selling Cars

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There comes a time in our lives when we are left with a few choices. No one can force the issue and it is up to us to choose the option of our choosing. Having a car around is not such a bad idea especially if you are a Dubai resident. After all, more than half of the population in this city own a car so you may be looking to join that segment. If you do, you’ve made the right decision. However, there is that dilemma that almost every car seeker faces at some point in life. New cars are expensive, even in countries where they are manufactured. Ask Germans, Japanese, Americans and even Koreans and they’ll all say the same thing – buying a zero-meter car can cost you a decent amount of money. Countries mentioned above are known to manufacture some of the best car brands in the world. Yet, most of their own population cannot afford these hot vehicles.

The reason is clear – most of these cars are pretty expensive. You would be paying a good part of your savings to buy them. Still, people from around the world buy cars each year and some are so excited about cars that they even switch models after every year or two. Suffice to say that buying cars is a passion, a frenzy that people love to do around the world and yet so many of us are somehow unable to afford them. Worry not, there is always an option for those of us who find modern cars a little unaffordable. Why not buy used, or cheap cars for sale in Dubai instead? It will give make you own a car at literally half or even less price and still you will be able to have your own wheels around. Here is more on why investing in a cheap or used car is a great idea:

Similar Performance

There is no denying that getting yourself a cheap car will not only let you enjoy similar performance to a new car, it will also let you experience similar fun. Hold on, how can one compare a used car with a brand new one, will there be no difference between the two? The answer is simple – the differences will be there they’ll be so minimal that you might not be able to note them at times. Yes, you are buying a used car, but in places like Dubai, Europe and America, people are not accustomed to use the car until it becomes a piece of junk. Instead, they use it for a couple of years or a little above and then sell it. As a result, you will find used cars in pretty good condition often.

Try looking for used cars for sale in Dubai and choose your options today.

How to Buy Used Auto Parts?

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According to a recent estimate, an average person spends about 170 thousand pounds on cars during his lifetime. The good news is that you can cut down on this expense by purchasing used auto spare parts for your car’s maintenance needs. Why not make it a New Year’s Resolution to spend wisely on your car’s maintenance requirements this year? It is worth a shot if you’re in love with cars. It gets even fantastic if you’re in love with Mercedes brand and you live in Sharjah, because now you can buy Mercedes parts in Sharjah through this website.

Before you go for the used auto parts, you might have a question about why you need used parts. Well, the first and the most important reason behind going for the used auto parts is the price differential. The car dealerships mostly charge a huge amount for auto parts which are easily available at much cheaper rates in the local workshops and smaller auto shops. More often than not, these used auto parts work as efficiently as the brand new parts. If you love your planet, prefer purchasing used auto parts because your purchase would keep them out of the landfills.

Before you finally make the purchase, let’s take a look at some of the cool tips to identify which auto parts will suit your car the best.

  1. It all starts with and at the right place. As a car lover, you must be aware of the leading auto parts markets in your city or vicinity. However, not all of them are sincere with their clients, so it is better to take quotations from different sellers and check the quality of the product before selecting the one which is best suited for your car. Buying the auto parts in person is the best idea and is recommended by most of the car lovers across the world. Shopping for auto parts online is not considered the right approach because you never know if the product that is shown in the advertisement is the actual part you are going to pay for. Moreover, you’re not sure if the auto part will work perfectly with your car.
  2. You should be absolutely sure about which auto part your car needs. Getting the part matched with the identification number of your car or VIN generally does the job.
  3. Before you purchase a part, make sure that you are provided all the information related to the history of the part. You should also have an idea about the part’s mileage.
  4. Always make sure to check out the return policy of the auto spare parts store.
  5. You should always check the safety of the used auto part before paying for it.
  6. If you fail to find the right part from the other sources, reaching the car dealerships should be your last option. But you can buy Range Rover parts in Sharjah without any hassle and concern from the online link.