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What you can do to become closet consultants

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One of the most interesting ways of making a living is by having a career where you get to tell people which clothes they should wear and how they should be worn. If this is the kind of career that you wish to pursue, then you just might become one of the greatest closet consultants around in the fashion industry. This profession has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

There are many other names for this profession. People who take on this career option are also known as image consultants, fashion consultants in Dubai, personal image consultants and even corporate image consultants. Not only has this profession gained immense popularity in the fashion world, it has also become fairly famous amongst business professionals.

People generally wonder how they can become an image consultant. Well, first of all, it is necessary for you to get a bit of education in the fashion designing field. The next thing that you have to do is acquire experience in the fashion or clothing industry.

All through the time that you acquire knowledge and experience in this field, it is necessary for you to gain certain bits of knowledge. First of all you must acquire a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the proportions of the female body. You must also have the ability to choose adequate cuts and styles that perfectly match all types of body shapes.

Another factor that you must be well-versed with is that of being able to choose the right accessories and shoes. You would have to know how colored outfits can be mixed and matched. All of these elements are just meant to make your client look good.

What being closet consultants additionally entail is having the potential to guide people in terms of designs, clothing style and colors that would make them appear extremely flattering. For this reason, you must remain up to date at all times on the latest fashion trends. These elements are bound to help you establish an outstanding career.

Being an expert, it is basically your duty to advice your clients and help them come up with an exquisite wardrobe collection that is suitable for all sorts of occasions and events. Basically, the wardrobe also has to be interchangeable and coordinated so that your client may immediately find what they wish to wear for different occasions. This obviously means that you must be a keen observer and realize the fact that people tend to have different styles and personalities. The closet that you come up with for your client should exclusively be based on your clients’ character, lifestyle, personality and budget. Click here for further information.