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5 Milestones Your Toddlers Should Reach in School

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Going to school is a big step for kids. It is the time when they will be exposed to a different environment aside from their home, and the time they will know other people aside from their family members. But being in an academic institution is not just about exposure. When your kids go to private schools in Dubai, they are expected to reach some milestones. These milestones will serve as a guide for parents to know if they are growing well and doing well in school.


Here are some milestones your little one should be able to reach in school:


  1. Level up their way of communicating

Some of the kids who went to a kindergarten and nursery school are able to express themselves, but not that clearly. When you enrolled them in new British schools in Dubai, they are expected to develop their communication skills, both verbal and written. They will be taught to express their feelings by using the language better and provide instructions on how to write basic sentences they can use to communicate on a regular basis.


  1. Comprehension & Grasp of things

Apart from communication skills, toddlers enrolled in nursery schools are expected to develop their understanding of things. It helps that at this age, their curiosity is very apparent. They tend to ask questions about their environment and certain situations. Parents and teacher will be helping hand-in-hand on answering their questions and explaining things to these curious toddlers. By making them understand how the world works, kids would be able to adapt to things and deal with the situation better.


  1. Develop their motor skills

Physical development plays a major role in kid’s development. Before enrolling them to a school, we teach them how to walk and run. In school, they will be taught how to use these motor skills to good use. Aside from playing, schools are creating programs to enhance motor skills and how kids will be able to use these skills right on a daily basis.


  1. Comprehend routine and time

Structure is very important in establishing responsibility and limitation to kids. In school, every subject is facilitated on a very structured manner and routine is established. Kids will be taught on how to read time and how they can apply it to their tasks.


  1. Basic grasp of academic subjects

Kindergarten and nursery school introduce basic Mathematics and Science to kids to prepare them for primary schools. They are being prepped for more rigorous subjects by laying out the foundation of academics as early as these stages.